I am a broken butterfly

It's Monday and I am sick :c I have studied some math today but now I am taking a break and just doing something. I don't know.
I don't want to study math anymore. My head hurts... Maybe I will eat something :---)
Hope you like the pictures!

in finnish
Joo, on maanantai ja oon sairas. Matikkaa opiskelin tänään jo muutaman tunnin, mut nyt pidän taukoa ja puuhaan jotain randomia. En tiedä...
En haluu opiskella matikkaa enää. Päähän sattuu. Mutta voisin syödä jotain c:
Toivottavasti pidätte kuvista!


Life is not living, but being in health

Seven exams coming! And I am very sorry about there random pictures but now I have to go to study math...


I am just a ghost in your dreams


autumn in my veins

In last autumn I had so much things to do. But still I went to take some pictures with my little sister. I think that this was my very first photo shoot but I like there pictures.
I miss autumn.

Written in the stars

First of all I want to tell something (random facts) about me.

>> My name is Jemina and my middle name is Fredriika
>> I am 16 years old and my birthday is first of April (April fools day, i know...)
>> I live in Finland

<< I love ANYTHING creative. Well, I have almost always loved. Drawing was very important to me many years ago but no it isn't so important anymore. Maybe you will still see some drawing in the future here in my blog... Who knows?
<< I have played the piano about nine years and the guitar three years.
<< PHOTOGRAPHING is the most important thing to me! (after family and friends)

>> I bought my first camera when I was nine years old (i think?)
>> Nowadays my camera is Nikon D5100 and I bought it in the summer of 2011. Sometimes (very often still) I use my mother's camera, Canon EOS 5D Mark II

My english isn't perfect and I hope that it doesn't matter so much.

So, now is your turn to tell me something. What kind of pictures would you like to see in my blog? Do you want to know something more about me? How often should I post?

(Voi kirjoittaa myös suomea, ymmärrän kyllä...)